Fully Managed or Rent Collection lettings service

Rent Protection

100% of monthly rent for up to 15 months of the contract (subject to a maximum amount)* if your tenant defaults.

Legal Expenses

Up to £50,000 legal expenses to pay for costs arising from regaining possession of your property.

Automated Claims

If the rent becomes overdue, they will automatically process a claim and credit your account. You do not need to take any action to log a claim or complete any paperwork.

Tenant Find lettings service:

Rent Protection

Up to £1000 monthly rent for up to 6 months of the contract if your tenant defaults.

SET UP FEE: (£455) this includes agreeing the market rent and finding a tenant in accordance with the landlords guidelines. This involves marketing and advertising the property

Cost of Tenant Referencing the applicant(s). The check will include credit status, current and previous employer, current or past landlord, and taking into account any other information to help assess the affordability criteria of the applicant(s). Depending on the outcome of the referencing, an applicant(s) earnings or overall financial position may require a Guarantor.

Cost of referencing a Guarantor. Should there be a specific situation whereby you have consented to a permitted occupier, appropriate documentation to reflect this is included within this fee.

Carrying out Right to rent checks on the applicant(s) and any other adult occupier of the property at the commencement of the tenancy.

Carrying out further checks on adult occupants with time – limited Right To Rent or where you have instructed us to commence a Right to Rent check on a new adult occupier where is a change in occupancy during the Tenancy.

MONTHLY FEE: (12%)This is a monthly commission calculated as a percentage of the monthly rent, for collecting and remitting the monthly rent received, deducting commission and other works, and supplying monthly statements. When necessary it includes the pursuance of non-payment of rent and providing advice on rent arrears actions. It includes 6-monthly routine visits and the landlord is advised of the outcome. This fee covers advising all utility providers of any tenancy changes, arranging routine repairs and holding the keys during the tenancy.

SECURITY DEPOSIT REGISTRATION FEE: (£65) This is for registering the landlord and tenant details and protecting the security deposit; then providing the tenant(s) with the Deposit Certificate and Prescribed Information within 30 days of the start of the tenancy.

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